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Getting Books Into The Hands Of Children

By Karen Emma Hall. We can all remember the time when we first got hooked into a book as a child; where the magic began. We may still have that book or still remember the warm feeling it gave us or the memories it evoked when recalling it back to mind. It is like the …

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Your Child’s First Day Of School

The first day of school is a proud day for a child and its parents. It can also be a sad day, because it means your child is entering a world without your presence for several hours a day. It’s all part of what you have been preparing your little boy or girl to do, …

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5 Ways to Teach Your Child to Love Reading

  Have you ever wondered how to pass down a love of reading to a special child in your life? Do you remember the joys of fictional friends you would like to introduce to the next generation? Is a child you know “stuck” at the level of pronunciation and seemingly unable to transition to the …

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5 Ways to Entertain Kids with the Kindle Fire This Summer

School’s out and you’re now faced with keeping your children entertained for the next 2-3 months. If you have a Kindle Fire in your home, this is actually quite easy to do. The Kindle Fire is not only a great eReader, but it has so many great features. Here are just five ways to entertain kids …

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How to Encourage Your Preschooler to Read

8 ways to get your kid to like reading. There’s no need to wait until your child begins school for the process of learning to read to begin. In fact, by teaching some fundamentals and instilling a desire to read into your child at an early age, you can pave the way for greater success …

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Oh, the Places You Will Go: Introducing Children to Travel Through Reading

Few parents can afford to bundle their children onto a plane and jet around the world. For a considerably smaller sum of cash, you can introduce your kids to other cultures and plains through books. No, it won’t be exactly the same – how can you describe the overpowering odors of a spice market, or …

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