Crafts That Children of All Ages Love


Crafting is a captivating activity with plenty educational benefits: motor skills development, creativity boosting, strengthening of family relationships, aesthetic taste enhancement. It is, therefore, a good idea to encourage your children to take on such a hobby. Here are some ideas of crafts that you can teach your kids and practice with them:

Sewing projects

Alex Toys My First Sewing Kit Sewing is typically a feminine hobby, but a lot of boys will enjoy it, too. It all depends on the way you introduce the activity. Girls will simply love the idea of crafting their own scarves, bags and winter caps, especially if they bear some flower-shaped ornaments or if they have a specially designed iPhone or mp4 pocket. On the other hand, boys will get involved into this type of activity provided the goal is to equip the winter cap with a friendly monster’s face. With a bit of creativity, you can interest both boys and girls into a sewing project that can result into fashionable items they can proudly wear afterwards. Moreover, this is a fun way of recycling old clothes while also teaching your kids some valuable lessons.

Beaded animals

Ravensburger 3-D Beaded Animal Kit Making beaded animalsis a fun and useful activity for boys and girls of different ages. While for the boys the result can be a decorative objects collection to display on a shelf in their room, girls will be more interested if you present it as an accessory making activity. Animal-shaped jewels can add a fresh note to a woman’s casual outfit, but they can also decorate cell phones, wallets, dog leashes and the girls simply love this kind of charms. Besides being cost-effective, this activity is a great way of spending quality time with your children and of stimulating their creativity and handicraft skills.

Paper quilling

quilling_animalsQuilling, also known as the paper filigree or filigrana, is the art of rolling strips of paper, bending and pinching them to create simple shapes that you can turn into jewels, decorative objects (flowers, animals, kites, etc.) or designs elements to add on a greeting card, invitation to an event, gift tag, box or on the covers of a photo album. The principle behind paper quilling is quite simple: creating basic shapes and putting them together. So, the first step is to teach your kids how to use paper strips in order to make a tight roll, a loose roll, a diamond, a tear drop, a square, a heart, a triangle, a rectangle or an S scroll. Afterwards, it is up to your and their creativity.


Creativity for Kids Scrapbook Shadowbox Kit Creating a scrapbook is a multi-purpose activity: it is a way of educating your children’s creativity, their involvement in long term projects as well as their handcrafting skills. Moreover, it allows you and your family to spend quality time together and it will result into a touching record of their childhood. The scrapbook can include pictures, poems they have learned in kindergarten and then in school, greeting cards they have handcrafted on various occasions, dried flowers and leaves rubbings as a reminder of a family camping trip, etc.


Amigurumi Toy Box: Cute Crocheted Friends In Japanese, the word “amigurumi” means knitted and crocheted stuff toys, which designates exactly what this hobby is about – knitting and crocheting cute little animals, dolls or other figures that can be turned into toys or ornaments. Although a bit more complex, as your kids will need average crocheting and sewing skills, this is another handcrafting experience that children of all ages love.