Monster Under the Bed


If your child runs to you screaming that there’s a monster under his bed, don’t be quick to reassure him that it’s all in his head. There is, in fact, a very real monster hiding in your kid’s room, watching his every move and waiting to terrorize him: It’s called “Fear”.

This monster likes to hide in dark corners of young children’s rooms. It seems to have a special preference for preschoolers with a vivid imagination because their ability to distinguish between reality and fantasy is not fully developed yet. The bed monster usually shows up at night, when your kid is in a relaxed state and ambient lights and sounds appear to intensify.

How to Get Rid of the Monster Under the Bed

If you want to help your child fight this monster, you’ll have to get to know it first. Ask your kid to give you a full description: whether the monster has a name, what it looks like, and what it does when it appears. Make sure to also find out whether the monster talks or makes any kind of noises. Your child’s description may help you identify the cause of his fear.

For example, if the bed monster appears in the form of a giant lizard producing clicking sounds, it might mean that your child is afraid of reptiles. The sounds might as well be generated by a radiator or other household appliance, but your kid has associated them with the appearance of the monster. In this case, you can try to eliminate the fear to its roots by showing your youngster that reptiles are not dangerous.

A quick and efficient way to deal with the bed monster is to vouch for it. Reassure your kid that you know this monster, and that you are certain it’s not hostile. Better yet, tell him that this monster has been following your family for many years, keeping kids safe and making sure that they get a good night’s sleep. This way, the frightening image of the monster will be replaced by a sense of care and protection.

If you choose to be straightforward with your child and let him know that the monster is not real, you need to proceed with caution. The last thing you want is your kid to think that you don’t believe him. Listen carefully to what he has to say and don’t dismiss his fears as irrational. Be supportive and try to comfort your child by singing to him, reading him a story, or simply holding him in your arms.

Letting your youngster sleep in your bed every time the monster appears is not a good idea. It may encourage your kid to use his fear as an excuse to come to your room, and this habit may persist long after the image of the monster is gone. Instead, you can stay at his room until he is calm enough for you to leave. Keep a nightlight on and let him know that you’ll be checking on him regularly during the night.

Sometimes, the best way to overcome fear is to embrace it. Your child needs to learn that fear is not only natural but also surmountable. With a bit of creativity and lots of understanding and support, you can help him turn his fear into strength. Before you know it, the bed monster will disappear and your kid will be able to enjoy sweet dreams again.