School’s Out: Now What?


Your kids might be anxiously counting down the days until summer break, but your apprehension increases as long, hot days with your kids inch closer. Tackling your to-do list and keeping your kids pleased is more challenging during the summer months, when the structure of the school day disappears. A little pre-summer planning can go a long way in creating a flexible structure for your kids that leaves them fulfilled and pleased.

Research Activities Now

Summer camps can replace the structure of the school year, whether you opt for a week-long day camp, sleep-away camp, or a once-a-week camp that spans the summer months. Your options will quickly dwindle if you wait until school is out to find camps for your kids. Think now about what types of camps would appeal to your kids – whether your  son is a budding soccer star or your daughter is trying his hand at theater – and see what options are available to you locally. Signups often begin in the spring, so don’t miss your chance to give your kids some structured fun this summer.

Create a Loose Schedule

Less rigidity in their day is just one reason kids love summer. However, this lack of structure might leave you wondering how you will keep your kids entertained and your house and family life in order all summer. Design a flexible schedule that celebrates the freedom of summer while focusing on what your kids’ wants and needs. Bedtimes and wakeup times might shift, but they should still enforced. Incorporate outdoor play, perfect for the hot summer months, into your daily schedule when the weather allows. A little vitamin D and a lot of activity can wear your kids out and leave them tired and satisfied by day’s end.

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Build a Summer Activity Box

Not every day this summer will be filled with trips to the pool or beach, play dates with friends, or family vacations. Some days will be spent at home, and you don’t want a house full of bored kids. Work on a summer activity box that you can dip into on those quiet days. Think of both outdoor and indoor activities for your kids. Craft supplies – paints and canvases, dough, and even sand – can provide a creative outlet for your kids. Pick up a few summer-themed, age-appropriate books to surprise your kids with on a rainy day. Water balloons, a new sprinkler, or a T-ball set can be the perfect backyard activity on a lazy summer afternoon.

Forge Friendships

A little adult conversation in the haze of a kid-filled summer can provide a bit of sanity. Make plans with your friends with kids, perhaps even scheduling a weekly play date, to establish summertime social opportunities for the whole family. Saturday night cookouts, Sunday afternoons by the pool, or a Wednesday morning in the backyard are always more fun with friends.


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