Your Child’s First Day Of School

Your Childs First Day Of SchoolThe first day of school is a proud day for a child and its parents. It can also be a sad day, because it means your child is entering a world without your presence for several hours a day. It’s all part of what you have been preparing your little boy or girl to do, but now that the time has arrived it can be a bit overwhelming. There are a number of important and helpful things you can do prior to the first day of school to help you and your child be ready to enjoy the exciting moment he or she becomes an official student.

Several Months In Advance

Be sure your child knows the following information about family and home:

  • Home address
  • City and state of residence
  • Phone number for at least one parent
  • Mommy and Daddy’s full names
  • Where Mommy and Daddy work


Prepare your child for school with the following activities:

  • Practice alphabet
  • Learn to recognize letters and name them
  • Practice counting
  • Learn to recognize numbers and name them
  • Learn basic color names and identify them
  • Practice coloring inside lines
  • Practice writing letters and numbers

In Advance Of First Day

Many schools offer a visiting day or open house for students attending the next school year. This is often held just before the current school year ends. Be sure to attend this special day with your child to take advantage of the opportunity to meet the teacher, and explore the school to locate your child’s classroom, bathroom, cafeteria (or eating area), the office, and the playground. Your child feels comfortable knowing the school layout on the first day.

Obtain a copy of the school handbook. It’s important to read it through a couple of times to know what you can expect from the school and what the school expects from you and your child. Explain the rules to your little student in easy to understand terms. If you are concerned about any of the rules or have questions, contact the administrative office as soon as possible.

Meet The Teacher

Your child will feel most comfortable on the first day of school if you are leaving them with someone he or she is already familiar with. Your child should meet and talk to the new teacher, plus the teacher can have an opportunity to ask questions. If there are any behavioral or personal issues, this is a good time to present them. Encourage your child to prepare a few simple questions to ask the new teacher. Having a one on one discussion with the teacher lets your child start establishing a solid relationship.

Take Your Child School Shopping

After selecting appropriate school clothing or uniforms, it’s time to take your child shopping for school supplies. Schools normally prepare a list of preferred supplies, allowing some leniency in brands. With list in hand, allow your child to select the items and add them to the shopping cart. This lets your child feel he or she in charge of school preparations and supplies. It’s important for little ones to grasp a sense of responsibility before the first day, and learning to shop from an approved list of supplies helps them accept responsibility and learn to take direction.

The Night Before The First Day

Assist your child with selecting the clothes or uniform to wear to school. Lay it out with clean underwear, socks, and shoes. Check the backpack together to be sure all the required supplies are ready to go. Ask if your child has any questions about the next day, and reassure your son or daughter, that it will be an exciting day full of new things to learn and new friends to meet.


Parents are the greatest influence on a child. Your smiles and encouragement means a lot when a little one goes off to school the first time. Avoid being clingy and weepy. Your child will be uncertain of how to react and may feel guilty about leaving you to go to school. Hugs and words of happiness about how grownup your child is encourage a much better first day of school for your new student. Give your child a hug, a big smile, and some help up the first big step on the bus. Then wave, blow a kiss, and let go. Your baby is now in school.


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